Thinking of how big and difficult it would be to actually carry this process of a big corporate company or a small firm itself is a herculean task.

Business Start-Ups

The fresh blood is all about coming up with varied new ideas and believes with each passing day.

Company Secretarial

With each passing minute and with each passing day comes a new development in the legal working of a particular area and network.

Consulting and Corporate Finance

At the Patni & Co. Limited every sphere of the working category makes pretty sure that efforts are not in vain for the clients.

HMRC Investigations

HMRC Investigation can take place anytime without any prior information. They may look at every other tax files of your company and would investigate on your company.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

If you are an established company and have a good and healthy turnover every year, then you will have to make your Tax Digital for VAT.

Management Accounts

Patni & Co. Limited is very much confident in its working team in the management of accounts.


Payroll is a system of carrying the process of salary or any other money credential that is pending or needs to take place in your company.

Statutory and Regulatory Audit

Statutory and Regulatory audit is a very important term when it comes to a business company or a very small or large scale firm.


Taxation normally takes once in a year for any firm. But the paper requirement for the same is humongous.